Greater Capital Region Principals' Center Bylaws

I. Purpose

The Principals’ Center Policy Board is established as the governing body for the Principals’ Center. The Board will establish policy for the Center within the legal and contractual constraints of the Capital Area School Development Association.

II. Mission

  1. Encourage individuals to become principals.
  2. Promote professionalism among principals through staff development opportunities.
  3. Recognize outstanding principals and their contributions to the profession.

This mission will be reviewed annually.

III. Organization

A. Policy Board Functions

The powers and duties of the Policy Board shall include policy information. authorization for expenditure of funds insofar as is consistent with the policies of the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) and the determination of auditors, recommendations for subcontracting to secure technical and other kinds of assistance, not otherwise prohibited by state or local law or regulations of the Commission of Education.

B. Policy Board Membership

  1. The Policy Board membership will be comprised of regional and/or local leaders representing principals and other constituency groups identified below and reflecting the needs and interests represented throughout the geographic region served by the Center. A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Chair annually to recommend new Board members to the Policy Board with consideration given to the geographical area, administrative levels, and Principals of the Year recipients.
  2. The Policy Board membership will include:
    1. Majority are to be elementary, middle, and secondary school principals representative of those to be served by the Center: up to 3 retired principals may serve on the Board.
    2. Central office administrator(s).
    3. Higher education representative(s).
    4. Membership will be drawn from a variety of school settings across the capital district.
  3. In the event that one or more vacancies occur, the Policy Board may continue to function provided a quorum can be met.
  4. The Policy Board will consist of no more than twenty-two (22) members. Of that total, at least twelve (12) positions will be held by sitting principals.
  5. Term membership will be for three years beginning July 1 and ending June 30.
    1. In the event a member of the Board should change position or title, the Board member will be allowed to serve out his/her term of office if he/she wishes to do so for the sake of Board continuity.
    2. In the event that a vacancy occurs, recommendations for replacement will be solicited from the Policy Board as a whole, keeping in mind the geographic representation from which the vacancy occurs. Replacements and/or new members will be selected by a two-thirds majority vote of approval by the board members present at the meeting.

C. Member Responsibilities

The Principals’ Center Board member is expected to:

  1. Attend all meetings. In the event that a member is absent for two consecutive meetings, contact will be made by the chairperson or his/her designee to determine member’s level of interest.
  2. Take a major role in one of the three central components listed in Section II Mission.
  3. Communicate with other principals and administrators in his/her geographic location.
  4. Promote the Principals’ Center.

These expectations of Board members will be reviewed annually by the chairperson and vice chairperson for continuation of membership on the Board.

D. Voting Procedures

A quorum will be met if more than half of the members are present.

  1. Written notice of Policy Board meetings and a published agenda will be provided at least four working days prior to the meeting date.
  2. The majority necessary for passage of any measure will consist of the majority of those present and voting provided a quorum has been established and unless previously stipulated.

E. Officers

  1. A chairperson and vice chairperson will be elected from the school principal members of the Board based on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee at the last meeting of the year.
  2. The Executive Director of CASDA will serve as the Executive Director of the Principals’ Center.
  3. The chairperson, with the assistance of the Executive Director, will be responsible for formation of the agenda, calling, and conducting Board meetings.
  4. The vice chairperson will assume the responsibilities when the chairperson is unable to do so.
  5. The Executive Director is responsible for taking minutes of the Board meeting and distributing copies to all Board members.
  6. The chairperson will appoint appropriate sub-committees to act if needed.
  7. The terms of office for chairperson and vice chairperson will be one year effective July 1 through June 30. At that time, the vice chairperson will become chairperson upon the vote of the Board. Election of a new vice chairperson will be held at the last Board meeting of the year.

F. The Board will meet at least five (5) times a year.

G. Activities of the Policy Board shall operate according to parliamentary procedures and appropriate operational statutes.

H.The Bylaws may be amended by a majority of Board membership. The Bylaws shall be reviewed at least every third year.


Revised and Approved: September 19.2001

Revised and Approved: January 31, 2008

Revised and Approved: November 10, 2010