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Peaceful School Bus Program

This presentation highlights how to successfully manage school bus environments and resolve conflicts and bullying by seeking alternatives to traditional disciplinary measures. The Peaceful Bus Program aims to increase student responsibility for bus behavior and identifies key priniciples for implementing positive change.

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CASDA Cyberbullying and Wireless Technology Update (2010)

Presented at CASDA’s 2010 Law Conference, this Powerpoint presentation by staff at Whiteman, Osterman, & HAnna, LLP, explores the many ways in which techonology has impacted school culture and student behavior.  It defines cyberbullying as distinct from the traditional forms of bullying and outlines the various forms that it takes.  The presentation discusses the legal implications of cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate speech, and disciplining off-campus behavior, and provides recommendations for administrators on how to effectively prevent negative online behavior.

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